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To use this website withwww.trabzonspor.org.trdomain name, belonging toTrabzonspor Club Association(hereinafter referred to as "TRABZONSPOR") domiciled at Trabzonspor Mehmet Ali Yılmaz Tesisleri A. Suat Özyazıcı Cad. Havalimanı Altı TRABZON, please read the following terms of use.

By visiting thewww.trabzonspor.org.trwebsite (hereinafter referred to as “theWeb Site”) You hereby agree, declare and undertake that you have read these Terms of Use, fully understood the contents of this Terms of Use, unconditionally accept the contents of Terms of Use, you will not raise any objections or contests in relation to thereof.

Trabzonspor may change these Terms of Use and any content on the Website at any time without notice or notification to the visitors of the Website. These changes shall be valid on the date of publication. Continued use of the Website after the publication of changes in the Terms of Use, shall mean acceptance of these changes by visitors.


Service(s): Mean(s) the application, provided on the Website in order to provide information about Trabzonspor and the services provided by Trabzonspor

Content: Means all kinds of visual, written and auditory imagery, such as any information, texts, files, pictures, videos, numbers, etc published on the Website and are accessible.

User: Means all real or legal persons visiting and/or using the Website.

Web Site: Means the website operated by Trabzonspor consisting ofwww.trabzonspor.org.trdomain name.


2.1.The User hereby agrees and undertakes that it will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process any images, texts, audio and visual imagery, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists on the Website, will not engage in any commercial activity by performing such actions, will not commit actions and transactions, which directly and / or indirectly constitute unfair competition.

2.2.The User agrees and undertakes that it will not commit any actions within the Website, which will yield unfair competition in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, impair the personal and commercial reputation of Trabzonspor and third persons, infringe or violate personal rights of the same,

will act in line with public order and moral principles, will take measures and fulfill procedures, required by legislation, will not be engaged in behavior and actions, which are illegal, criminal, disturbing, impairing personal rights, infringing intellectual rights, copyrights, trademark rights, and property rights.

2.4.Within the framework of the terms and conditions and restricted to the purposes, specified in Confidentiality Policy, Trabzonspor may use, process, share, disclose user information, classify and may store the same on a database, and provided that explicit consent is obtained, may use the same for promotional and informational communication and marketing activities. Trabzonspor may also use information such as user's IP address, visited parts of Website, domain type, browser type, date and time, for purposes such as statistical assessment and presentation of personalized services and offers.

2.5.Trabzonspor is entitled to associate the behavior of the user, visiting the Website, with a cookie, found in browser and to define remarketing lists, based on metrics, such as number of viewed pages, duration of visit and target completion number. You can review ourCookie Policyto get detailed information about the function of cookies, what type of cookies are used, the intended use and data transfers to third parties and to change your cookie preferences.

2.6.Use of the whole or any part of the Website for the purpose of alteration, reverse engineering, attempting to provide access to the Website in a manner that prevents, disrupts or interferes with the communication or technical systems of the Website, "screen scraping" software or systems such as automatic program, robot, spider, web crawler, spider, data mining, data crawling on Web Site, the use of automated tools or manual processes, unauthorized access to other users' data or software, use of the Website and its content outside the conditions and limits set forth in these Terms of Use is unlawful; in such cases, Trabzonspor reserves all kinds of claims, lawsuits and follow-up rights. Trabzonspor has the right to notify the User to the competent authorities in case of any use contrary to these terms and laws. The User acknowledges that he is personally liable for damages resulting from such use.

2.7.The User agrees and undertakes that Trabzonspor shall not be held responsible for any direct and indirect damages that may occur in case of interruption of the Services provided on the Website, failures in transmission of information, delays, failures, and loss of data.


The moral and financial rights of copyrighted elements such as any design, text, image, image, video, image, html code and other code contained in this Web Site shall belong to Trabzonspor (21stArticle “Right to Processing”, 22ndArticle “Right to Reproduction”, 23rdArticle “Right to Dissemination”, 24th “Right to Representation” and 25thArticle “Right to Public Transmission By Means of Signal and / or Video Transmission or are used within the license obtained by Trabzonspor.

Users are not entitled to resell, process, copy, share, distribute, exhibit Trabzonspor's services, copyrighted elements on the Website or allow anyone else to access or use Trabzonspor's services. Any copyrighted material on the Website may not be reproduced, processed or distributed under these Terms of Use.

All intellectual and industrial property rights arising from all trademarks, titles and logos, emblems, slogans, pictures and other elements on the Website shall belong to Trabzonspor. Unless express written permission of Trabzonspor, they may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, processed, made available to the public, communicated to the public by means of representation, sign, sound and / or image transmission, and may not be modified by the users.


In all cases deemed legal force majeure, in case of late performance, incomplete performance or non-performance, Trabzonspor shall not be held liable for any compensation. The force majeure shall be interpreted as events beyond the reasonable control of Trabzonspor and which it cannot prevent despite its due diligence. Natural disaster, war, fire, strike, uprising, rebellion, bad weather, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renewal works and any failure that may occur due to this, power failure, including but not limited to thereof shall be deemed as force majeure.


In the event that there is an element of foreignness in the application, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising within these Terms of Use, Turkish Law shall be applied without regard to the conflict of laws rules. Trabzon Courts and Execution Directorates shall be authorized in case of any disputes arising out of these Terms of Use.


The invalidation of any clause of these Terms of Use by law, by the legislator or by any official authority or by the courts shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.


These Terms of Use come into force on the date published by Trabzonspor on the Website. Users shall be deemed to have agreed these Terms of Use and any changes made in time to use the Website.

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