3/21/2013 2:16 PM
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Our president Sadri Şener, our board members, Turkish ambassador in Dublin Necip Egüz, Istanbul member of parliement and the parliamentary foreign affairs committee member Faik Tunay, undersecretary of the Ministry of the European Union- ambassador Haluk Ilıcak, the president of the Trabzon Chamber and Commerce and Industry Suat Hacısalihoğlu, the chairman of Trabzon Commodity Exchange Şükrü Kölemenoğlu, the President of Drogheda United Vincent Hoey, the president of Drogheda Chamber of Commerce Padraig Kierans, the famous Irish historian Ted Greene, the deputy of mayor of Drogheda Linda Bell and some Turkish living in Ireland participated in the dinner given in the city of Drogheda by the Drogheda Municipality and officials of Drogheda United Club, sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

The traditional Irish folk dance shows were watched during the dinner. After the show, watched with interest by our president, photos were taken with the dancers.In the speeches made after the dinner, the friendship between the two countries and the two clubs was emphasized.

Mr. Şener indicated that he had been in Ireland for the first time 22 years ago saying "I think I was here for Bray Wanderers match, when I was 40. The mayor was a lady named Elizabeth. She had told me that just like we are called Laz and are joked about in Turkey, English do the same for them here."

The President of Drogheda United Vincent Hoey remarked that Turkey is the easternmost country and Ireland is the westernmost country of Europe telling "Tonight, the east and the west of Europe have met here. People can meet, warm up and do business thanks to sports. Turkey has developped a lot in the recent years. I strongly think that Turkey has a lot to do on the international and Eruopean platform with her important potential. I believe that our friendship will go on. If one day comes when Turkey needs help or if any famine occurs, we are ready to send food by ships from here."

Turkish ambassador in Ireland Necip Egüz expressed that Drogheda is a city with history just like Trabzon telling "The Irish people are also brave and good like the people of the Black Sea. I really associate a lot the people of Drogheda with our people. I have started my post just 5 weeks ago, still me and my wife really feel comfortable in this country. I am sure that you will also share my feelings in a very short period of time. During the big famine in 1847 the help was delivered from the Drogheda port when the English Queen didn't let the 3 ships, fulled with food and sent by the Sultan Abdulmecid, in the Dublin port. Between 1845 and 1851, the half of the country was dead or refuged. Therefore, those years have a very deep and painful place in the history of Ireland. The people of Ireland, and of Drogheda of course, have never forgotten this help. The historical document of this is even hanged in my office.".

After the speechs, the two club presidents gave present symbolizing their clubs to each other.

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